Ino Biodiesel is 100 % black woman owned company .Its an initiation laid by Innocentia Mamaila who is an expert in the bio energy sector. Our company contribute towards the achievement of the renewable energy goals; energy security and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions .We make and supply diesel to broader clientele in South Africa that includes Plants , mining machinery companies, constructions site and industrial businesses . Our diesel is made from used cooking purchased from local hotels and hospitals , its our commitment to provide an alternative option when it comes to recycling waste oil.



Ino Biodiesel is a South African petroleum refinery that was birthed from a need to contribute environmental sustainability and the upliftment of the livelihoods. Founded in June 2020, the refinery provides a high quality and affordable biodiesel for the running of the diesel farm equipment, construction and other on/off road uses. We achieve this through sourcing used oil (UCO). A key product in the production of this green energy source. The reliable and ecofriendly fuel we provide helps in the reduction of pollution to the environment, lowers dependency on imported diesel and assist with job creation and economic growth.


We partner with hotels and restaurant to collect their used cooking oil and process it into biodiesel by this the taste of the food improves because the used cooking oil never reused again in the food chain and this improves the health of the population. We provide a professional used cooking oil collection service that provides our clients with the peace of mind that their oil has become a renewable product Waste-based biodiesel reduces net CO2 emissions by 95% compared to conventional diesel, because each carbon atom is used twice before it is released into the atmosphere: once for cooking and once as fuel. Our waste collection systems and services reduce environmental pollution and turn waste into resources. One of the attractive characteristics of biodiesel is that its use does not require significant modifications to the existing diesel engine. However, there are problems with vehicle warranty and biodiesel use and it has nearly 10% lower energy content and different physical properties compared to conventional diesel oil, which will cause certain changes in the engine performance and engine emission, including lower power output and higher content of nitrous oxides. Nevertheless, biodiesel has a higher certain number than diesel oil, no aromatics, and contains oxygen.